EMUI 11: Privacy Safeguards

Huawei announced EMUI 11 during its Developer Conference on September 9, 2020. The latest Emotion UI brings some visual changes to the table, new animations, features, and under the hood optimizations. EMUI 11 is based on Android 10 (Based upon AOSP builds of Android). On the latest version of EMUI, there is a Multi-screen collaboration 3.0 that allows you to manage up to three Android apps from your PC.

The EMUI 11 comes with an upgraded Always-on Display options, a new Gallery interface, better multi-window support, and better Huawei Share options (Laptops/Wearable/Devices).

As we know that protecting personal data is a difficult task but with Huawei EMUI 11 you keep your privacy in your hands, for all of the mobile services that you use, and this rigorous commitment to data autonomy has been brought to a new level with the enhanced settings in all-new EMUI 11.

Share your fun, without undermining your privacy

Capturing and sharing memorable life experiences on your phone is likely almost second nature to you, but you may not be aware that pictures contain traces of private information you may not intend to share. EMUI 11 is designed to offer the best of all worlds. Before sending a photo, you can opt to remove the potentially sensitive information within it, as indicated in the screenshots below.

EMUI 11 Camera setting

Manage your notes, while keeping them secure

Notepad has also been enhanced in EMUI 11, now incorporating a security-oriented feature, Note lock. It seals any number of your notes away in a digital vault of sorts, and unlocking is only possible with a registered fingerprint, enrolled face, or password – in other words, by you alone!

EMUI 11 Notes lock

Source – Huawei

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