[P40 Pro and Pro+ Too] EMUI 11 Europe: Huawei P40 grabbing March 2021 patch update

Huawei P40 series phone has been recently spotted on Huawei’s HiSuite app that identified the device with the HarmonyOS 2.0 kernel. Aside from the P40 Pro, the Huawei P30 also spotted recently with the HarmonyOS kernel. We are not far away to see the latest OS update on the P40 series but ahead of that based on EMUI 11 the company has started sending March 2021 patch update.

The March 2021 security patch update for Huawei P40 rolling out with software version ANA-NX9 (C432E5R4P3) and the update package size is 283 MB.

[04/20/2021] (C432E3R4P3) (P40 Pro)
[04/20/2021] (C432E5R4P3) (P40 Pro +)

Huawei P40 ANA-NX9 EMUI (C432E5R4P3) Changelog:

List of changes
This update improves system security using Android security patches.

Integrated Android security patches released in March 2021 for improved system security.

This security update includes the CVE announced in the March 2021 Android security bulletin. It includes 2 Critical, 13 High levels, and 131 Medium levels.

Notes on updating:
1. Your personal data will not be deleted by the update. However, we recommend that you back up important data before updating.
2. If you encounter problems during the update, call the Huawei customer service line or visit a Huawei customer service center.
3. The update package will be automatically deleted when the update is complete.

Huawei P40 ANA-NX9 EMUI

(Image Source – HuaweiBlog)

How to download the latest EMUI 11 update?

Download from your system settings option: Tap on Settings > System > Software update > Check for Updates and Download it!

Download from Support App: Go to Support app > Services ->Update > Check for updates.

Note: Once you receive the latest EMUI updates, you can send us a tip with a screenshot/changelog/country name/version at [email protected]. We will update other users with the same device in different territories as soon as possible.

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