EMUI 11 may bring Share-to-Print feature

Huawei will introduce EMUI 11 this year with a bunch of new features. If we look at the Android 11/Android R upcoming feature, it is said to add the ‘Share-to-Print’ feature in the latest version.

Before Android 8.0, the printing function needed to be installed by a specific printer manufacturer’s plug-in program. After Android 8.0, Google introduced a universal printing program to the system. Although it is quite convenient, the printing function still needs application support, such as the Chrome browser. , Office, PDF reader, etc.

The emergence of “Share and Print” means that even if there is no preset support for printing at the beginning of application development, it can be achieved directly through the “Share” function.

It is reported that the technical definition of “share and print” was developed by the Mopria Alliance, and its members include Canon, HP, Samsung, Xerox, Epson, Brother, and other major international printing giants.

Meanwhile, here is a tutorial of How to connect Honor/Huawei Phones to Printer. (Older EMUI versions).

How to print from your Huawei phones?:

Discover printers with Huawei Share and print images or PDFs with a single touch.

1. Connect your phone and printer to the same Wi-Fi network or pair them with Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth.

2. On your phone, find the image or PDF you want to print and go to Share > Huawei Share.

3. Select a printer, check your print settings, and touch PRINT.

How to Connect HONOR Phone to Printer:

To connect HONOR phone to printer, we need to turn on the phone’s Settings firstly and then we will see the option Printing. Touch it and we will see the PRINT SERVICES.

If there are no printer app available, we can Add service by downloading and installing the HP Print Service Plugin. Then you will see the print plug-in appeared in the Setting.

Touch and open the HP Print Service Plugin, the printer will be automatically searched and displayed.

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