EMUI 11: New Artistic AOD Design

Huawei at HDC 2020 announced its latest Emotion UI version – EMUI 11 which provides an innovative and convenient way for you to stay informed by introducing a more artistic, interactive, and personalized interface design to the Always On Display (AOD) feature, based on the idea of “Technology for people”.

EMUI 11 Artistic themes

With new technology, the Huawei EMUI 11 delivers a canvas for users to express their boundless creativity with new AOD styles, including the artistic Mondrian animations. Mondrian’s simplest combinations of straight lines, right angles, and primary colors like yellow, red, and blue add a breath of fresh air to your screen. You can also change the composition and color combination to your own neo-plasticism taste.

EMUI 11 Artistic themes

EMUI 11 Dynamic display

The latest EMUI version from the company the EMUI 11 also introduces an abundant series of vivid, dynamic visual elements to the AOD for your selection. Activate the AOD with a gentle touch on the screen, and you can view the meticulously designed AOD animations. (Note: Feature support available for certain products.)

EMUI 11 Personalized styles

In addition to the artistic and dynamic styles, the new AOD opens even more customization options for you to design your own screen display. With Graffiti AOD, you can add text like your life motto or just a to-do task, and they will appear as graffiti when your screen is off. You can also add your own picture to the AOD, and all your AOD designs will be saved for convenient switchover. (Note: Feature support available for certain products.)

(Note: Support for the AOD feature may vary with device models and system versions.)

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Source – Huawei

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