Portugal: Huawei Mate 20 Pro (LYA-L09) stable EMUI 11 update changelog

As per the official EMUI 11 update schedule, Huawei has updated its Mate 20 series device in Europe. For the beta testers, the update has a size of 312 MB (Mate 20) and 302 MB (Mate 20 Pro), which you can also download via mobile data if you want. The download volume for a direct update from EMUI 10.1, on the other hand, is 1.84 GB (Mate 20 Pro). Here we advise you to download it via WLAN.

Huawei Mate 20 Series Stable EMUI 11 Changelog:

  • Huawei Mate 20 -HMA-L29 (C432E3R1P3)
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro –LYA-L09 (C432E4R1P4)

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro –LYA-L09

List of Changes
This update introduces EMUI 11 and provides a wide range of features to keep you connected in all situations. This new system version is based on HUAWEI’s “All Scenario” design concept and provides a comprehensive and integrated, cross-device user experience. EMUI 11 is based on the concept of “technology for people” and impresses with its artistic interface design, user-friendly interactions and an innovative and convenient, cross-device connection experience for users – for an optimized work and private life.

Technology for people

Adds the starry night design with bright color painting. (You can apply this design in the Themes app.)

With Multi-Window, you can open apps for multitasking in a floating window. The floating window can be positioned as desired or minimized in the form of a floating ball for easy access later.

[Flowing Animations]
The brand new and intuitive animation effects in EMUI 11 make for a smoother, more consistent and visually appealing user experience when typing or swiping the screen. When switching between albums in the gallery or between the year and month display in the calendar, plan sequence animations are displayed for flowing visual effects.

[Subtle Effects]
The subtle effects of activating or deactivating switches have been refined throughout the operating system for a more visually appealing experience.

Seamless connection

[Cross-Screen Collaboration]
This special feature allows your devices to work together so that you can get the most out of them. You can mirror the phone on the laptop screen and be more productive with multiple app windows that are always available. (A Huawei laptop with PC Manager version 11.0 or higher is required for this function.)

Allows you to scan documents. You can now quickly identify and extract text from images, edit the text, export it to multiple file formats, and share it.

On the Explore tab in Gallery, you can create video stories using pre-installed templates with special effects and background music. The video editing features have been tweaked and provide further instructions on how to use the timeline and editing options.

[Smooth processes]
A new standard for system animations has been introduced, which improves the app start speed and ensures smooth operating processes.

Data protection and security

[Clear Screen
Projection ] When you project your phone to an external display in Do Not Disturb mode, messages and incoming calls are only shown on the phone screen. This protects your data and avoids interruption of the screen projection.

[Privacy in Memo]
Allows you to lock notes in Memo.

[Photo Sharing Privacy]
Allows you to remove the shooting location, time, and device information from photos before sharing them.

Notes on updating:

1. This update does not delete your personal information. However, it is recommended to back up important data before upgrading.
2. Some third-party apps that are incompatible with EMUI 11 may not work properly after upgrading. It is recommended that you update these apps to the latest version in the app store.
3. If you have problems updating, call the Huawei customer service line or visit a Huawei customer service center.
4. The home screen layout may change slightly.
5. The system version can be rolled back to the official version EMUI 10.1 in HiSuite. If the system version is rolled back, all of your personal data will be deleted. You should therefore back up your data in advance.
6. The update package will be automatically deleted when the update is complete.

Mate 20

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