Huawei executives confirmed that Hongmeng OS is ready for Mate X within a few months or delayed until September

Huawei has applied for a registered trademark for its Hongmeng OS in at least nine countries, indicating that the company’s operating model is threatened by US sanctions, and it may be implementing a spare tire program in major markets. On June 14th, Andrew Williamson, vice president of public affairs and relations at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said in an interview that Huawei is preparing to launch an operating system.

He added, “This is not what Huawei wants. We are very happy to be a member of the Android family, but Hongmeng is being tested, mainly in China.”

Hongmeng OS obviously does not want it to be rushed out when it is not ready. The attitude of Google and the US government will greatly affect the launch time of Hongmeng OS, which is stricter and slower. This time Williamson further stated that if the tension escalates, Hongmeng will be ready within a few months.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Huawei has registered the Hong Mongolia trademark in Cambodia, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, and Peru. Huawei’s main markets include China and Europe. Recently, the market research report released by foreign research institute Counterpoint research shows that Huawei accounts for 30% of the market share in the European market.

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