Huawei HarmonyOS Beta 3.0 is now rolling out, Check the changelog

According to the well-known Weibo tipster, Changan Digital King, Huawei has started rolling out the Huawei HarmonyOS Beta 3.0 version of the Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0 system has now been pushed down to the mobile phones of users and developers who have tested the internal beta.

This update seems to have no new features, but the Harmony OS API is optimized and the system capabilities are enhanced to support more development.

Quick SingleThese Huawei phones will receive Hongmeng (Harmony) OS 2.0 update in the first batch

Huawei HarmonyOS Beta 3.0 Update Changelog:

1. Added more than 1,000 HarmonyOS APIs.

2. Added FA free installation feature, FA services that support free installation properties can be used without installation.

3. Added the feature of integrated and distributed circulation, which can transfer the content on mobile phones and tablets to large screens, watches and other devices through distributed capabilities.

4. Added efficient memory management mechanism.

5. New animation platform development curve.

6. Add JAVA control to adjust font/weight interface.

7. Added support for connection management of watch, tablet and other device types based on the proxy Internet access of other devices.

8. Added distributed networking API.

9. Newly added drive failure diagnosis and recovery option.

Huawei HarmonyOS Beta 3.0

To recall, Yu Chengdong previously stated that Huawei’s flagship mobile phone will begin to upgrade the Hongmeng system in April. According to recent leaks, this time may be April 24.

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