OpenHarmony + openEuler dual operating system is open source and open

According to the information, at the 2021 China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference held yesterday, Huawei’s rotating chairman Hu Houkun said in the keynote speech on “Consolidating the Foundation and Creating a New Digital Pattern” that “5G + Industrial Internet is empowering the digital transformation of thousands of industries, and data-driven is the key. To achieve data acquisition, fast calculation, and good use, connect more devices, lower AI thresholds, and develop industrial software. The key investment areas at this stage.”

In terms of more equipment connections, Hu Houkun said that at present, due to the high cost of industrial equipment data collection, long cycles, and difficult integration analysis, the networking rate of industrial equipment in my country is only 23%, which has become the bottleneck of digital transformation.

On the one hand, all parties should formulate unified data specifications, and promote the standardization of industrial agreements, reduce the difficulty of equipment networking, and benefit the majority of enterprises.

OpenHarmony and openEuler

Finally, Hu Houkun emphasized the importance of developing industrial software. In the context of the digital transformation of the industry calling for a new industrial software system, he called for “the whole industry and the whole society to cooperate. The government can set up a platform, inject policies, funds, and credibility, and guide the key roles and links of the industry chain to complement each other and form an industry. Together. Leading enterprises in the industry, as the demand side, can unite with professional software developers and service providers in various fields to jointly build a new industrial software ecosystem.”

Driven by the digital needs of leading companies in the electronics, automotive, equipment, home appliances, and construction industries, Huawei has united more than 100 industrial equipment and industrial software companies, using Huawei Cloud as the base to create industrial software clouds in subdivided fields.

In addition, Huawei is also building two operating systems, one is HarmonyOS for the end-side, and the other is Euler for the digital infrastructure side. Hu Houkun said, “Huawei has opened up these two operating systems to provide a base for partners to create scene-based commercial operating systems.”


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