Huawei car smart screen with Hongmeng OS leaked

The well-known Weibo tipster @Ark shared an appearance of Huawei’s in-car smart screen today on its social handles. According to the leaked image, Huawei’s car smart screen supports Huawei HiLink connection, supports HiCar system, has a pop-up front camera, and the screen ratio is visually 21:9 or longer.

The size of a smart screen is not much big it can adjustable and place in a small area and it fully runs on Hongmeng OS 2.0 system. It supports most of the functions of Huawei’s smartphones suitable for automotive mobile scenarios, such as listening to music, watching videos, making calls, surfing the Internet, and playing games.

In addition, Huawei’s new car smart screen will be equipped with a camera as standard, and the camera adopts a protruding design on the top of the fuselage. The product speaker is located on the side.

Huawei in-vehicle smart screen with Hongmeng OS


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